Rights Respecting School


UNICEF created the Rights Respecting Schools accreditation scheme to acknowledge schools that are committed to putting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child at the centre of the school ethos.

At Ryders Hayes, we are proud to incorporate the convention into the very fabric of the school to enable us to improve every child’s well-being, encourage their talents and abilities, to realise each child’s potential and to equip each child to become rights respecting citizens in their own right. Everyone, including staff and pupils, promotes the rights of children but we also instill in the children that rights also come with responsibility. The school has the expectation that each pupil takes their responsibilities seriously.

Ryders Hayes is now working towards UNICEF Gold Award – Rights Respecting accreditation to demonstrate our commitment to the rights of children.

Ryders Hayes has adopted the UN charter as a school wide agreement.
For further information on UNICEF’s work concerning Rights Respecting Schools, please click on the link below.


UNICEF – What we do – Rights Respecting Schools

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Playtime charter

Ryders Hayes Steering Group

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