Parent Support

Our Parent Support Advisor
Mrs Clair Male
Contact Details:

Monday – Friday between 1.00 pm – 4.20 pm
School Number: 01922 683008



What is a Parent Support Advisor?

A Parent Support Advisor is someone who provides a link between home and school.
My role is to build and deliver a parenting support programme based on the needs of the parent. These vary from supporting parents with health, education and behavioural issues.
A child with behavioural problems can have a huge effect on the dynamics within the family and can have an impact on other family members which may manifest in poor health, sleeplessness, poor attainment and lack of concentration.


The benefits of working in partnership :
For Parents

Learn new skills – enhances parenting ability

Improve child – parent relationship

Early intervention

Improve communication within family and school.

Improve confidence in parenting skills.


For your Child

Awareness of boundaries

Awareness of expectations

Improve attainment levels


Enhance relationship between parent and child.