Mission Statement

Mission: At Ryders Hayes School, children and staff will strive to:

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Vision and values:

To nurture and facilitate the growth of our pupils and their learning; equipping them with the skills and attributes to embrace the challenges of a rapidly changing world. To enjoy success for today and be prepared for tomorrow, by instilling the values of:

Enquiry: Search for knowledge through questioning and research

Adaptability: Thrive in a variety of situations and approach a task with confidence

Resilience: Keep on trying even when something is difficult

Morality: Know the difference between right and wrong and show this in interactions with others

Effective Communication: Share thoughts and feelings through speech and actions

Thoughtfulness: Use a wide range of thinking skills to solve a problem

Collaboration: Work alongside others, understanding everyone’s role within the group, as well as respecting the views and ideas of others

Respect : Show respect for the needs of other people, living things and the environment

International /open mindedness: Be open and receptive to the circumstances, views, beliefs, and religions of people from other countries and cultures; people of different races and family structures; people with disabilities, and be at ease with anyone who is different from us.

Growth Mindset: learn at all costs; work hard-effort is key; confront mistakes and deficiencies as opportunities, and learn from them.